Hey everyone!

Most people that know me are aware that I used to play music… a lot. Mostly playing in bands and mostly through the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Throughout those years I wrote and co-wrote many songs and recorded them with the bands and members and many were never recorded but stuck somewhere on old cassette tapes and in spiral notebooks. In 1983/84 I was dating my “now wife” Stacy and wrote a bunch of songs and recorded it as First Strike with Pat LaFevers, Craig Kirksey and Keith Gravlee. I don’t think any of us were happy with the recording and it was done quickly in the studio and not what I really wanted or heard in my head for the songs. So now 32 years later I still, as a hobby have my home studio and write and record all the time but never really put anything out for people to hear I just enjoy the hobby. I was listening to the old songs I had written and recorded and thought how fun it would be to re-record those songs myself the way I heard them in my head. So here I am putting these old 1984 songs back out there for everyone to hear. We sold about 500 copies of the First Strike cassette in 1984 so many of my friends may remember the songs and a few still have the old cassettes (CDs existed but were almost unheard of then). On the new recordings I played all instruments (and sang/attempted all the vocals – cause I’m old and that’s all I got left) and programmed drums and keys. I’m having a lot of fun re-learning the songs so here they are and I hope you enjoy them.